Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex demo

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex demo


You sure heard everybody talking about the Forex advanteges , how little time you have to spend just clicking on your computer and get a lot of money for that.

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But first, you should know that Forex stands for Foreign Exchange Market, the place where foreign currencies are bought and sold at various prices, where trading happens continuously. Even if you are from Austria, South Africa or any Asian country ,it does not matter where you are from, as Forex is open to all people from various time zones. You just need a small amount of knowledge regarding online trading and a high-speed internet connection and you are all set. So one of the first advantages of Forex is that it’s open 24/7 for anyone who desires to enter the world of foreign currency trading.


Before actually going through with online trading, there are many things you should know about Forex. This is the sort of online investing that guarantees valuable rewards but only if done right. One of the most attractive things about Forex is that its being one of the most liquid markets in the world.  Liquidity is an essential attribute for the trade market, meaning that you are free to modify the trades you make at any moment.


The good part about demo accounts is that they get you familiar with the techniques and conditions of the real trading markets. Probably one of the main advantages of the Forex demo accounts is that they allow you to taste the Forex trading at no cost at all. Some brokers only allow a month of using a Forex demo account, while some are more generous and give you as much time as you need to get familiar and gain confidence in your skills. They require a few personal information, mostly to get in touch with you and try to talk you into getting a real account with them later on.


On the other hand ,it is very important to get familiar with the disadvantages of Forex demo accounts too. It’s true that with a demo account you don’t have to worry about taking any risk. But it is always good to have a little risk. Plus, with risk , you will never come across a dull moment.


Using a demo account is also considered a psychological set up that shows you how simple and easy is to make a lot of money with just a few mouse clicking. You don’t get to experience the true feeling due to the absence of any parameters. Also, with a Forex demo you don’t get to feel the emotion of winning and especially losing money.


In conclusion, it is true that a Forex demo account is a great tool to learn about Forex trading markets, gain confidence and the skills to apply your strategies in a live account. On the other hand , you have to take learn about the risks and discipline that come along when real money are involved.



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